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What is BHRT?
Your body’s hormones control nearly every one of your basic bodily functions. Hormones serve as the vital communication system between cells throughout the body.
Hormones coordinate everything from digestion and growth to your appetite, immune function, mood and libido. Therefore, when your hormones are out of balance, even slightly, it can have a profound impact on your health, mood and overall feeling of well-being.
Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (or natural hormone therapy) is called such because the treatment utilizes hormones derived from plant enzymes that are chemically identical to those the human body produces. Bioidentical hormones are safer and more effective than synthetic hormones since the human body treats these hormones “identically” as those produced by your system naturally.
BHRT Benefits
BHRT’s goal is to essentially correct the imbalance within an individual’s natural hormone production. As we age, our bodies become less efficient on many levels.
As it relates to hormones, our bodies, in a sense, forget how to maintain optimal hormone levels. BHRT simply assists your body in re-achieving that perfect balance.
The use of BHRT is highly effective in improving the overall health and quality of life in both men and women.
Benefits of BHRT for Women
There are many benefits of BHRT for Women:
• Restores energy levels experienced in youth
• Eliminates Night Sweats and Hot Flashes
• Reverses Vaginal Dryness and Itching
• Ends Pain with Intercourse
• Stimulates Fat Loss and Overall Muscle Tone
• Substantially Increases Sex Drive
• Greatly improves Mood
• Enhances Memory and Concentration
• Decreases Skin Wrinkles
• Protects Bones from Osteoporosis
• Significantly Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
Benefits of BHRT for Men
There are many benefits of BHRT for Men:
• Profoundly Improved Energy Levels
• Increased Muscle Mass and Tone
• Greatly Enhanced Sex Drive and Performance
• Much Easier Ability for Fat Loss
• Elevated and Improved Mood
• Optimal Mental Clarity and Sharpness
• Deeper, More Beneficial Sleep
• Decrease in Joint Pain and Muscle Ache
• Better Bone Strength
• Ideal Cholesterol Levels
• Significantly Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
The BHRT Process – How to get Started
If you are interested in learning more on how BHRT can provide you with all of the benefits above, please make an appointment with our Ft. Apache office and you will receive a personal consultation with our director of Metabolic and Hormonal Medicine, Dr. Donald Tice.
Dr. Tice will answer any and all questions you may have about BHRT and begin the process with ordering the most comprehensive blood panel on the market today. This cutting edge, deep dive into your body’s metabolic functions will provide Dr. Tice with the most accurate data to design a fully customized BHRT protocol to give you the absolute best results.
Don’t wait another day to start living your BEST LIFE. We hear from our patients on a daily basis how incredible they feel after undergoing BHRT with the supervision of Dr. Tice and can’t believe they didn’t start the process years earlier. Don’t regret waiting another day to feel like you did when you were in your 20’s!
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